Circling about town…

I’m participating in a photo “challenge” by taking one photo a day and posting it to a group tumblr. Each day has a suggested subject and today’s subject was “circles”.

I do my errands on foot and today’s circle included the library, post office and getting an ink cartridge refilled. I shouldered my pack, grabbed the holy trilogy (phone, wallet, camera) and headed out. But, before I forget, I want to say thanks to my friend Flora Gardener of Tangly Cottage for encouraging me to start blogging.

The first circles I spotted were gumballs in a machine, but too many reflections made for a poor photo. So, I continued walking, and will share with you some of the circles I found. But, I must digress and tell you about the one that got away:

We had planned to get BBQ from a local restaurant, , but after getting home from the photo walk, discovered they close at 5:00pm…what’s up with that? So, having no dinner planned, decided on pizza. Called it in, grabbed my wallet, and walked down to pick it up. As I walked through the door, the first thing I saw was a white-aproned young man with a flour-smudged face tossing a huge *circle* of pizza dough up in the air! Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me, so here are photos of other circles I saw around Morro Bay today.

Suggested subjects for the first month of the 365 day photo challenge.

IMG_8585 (629x640)

Free Trade basket outside healthfood store.

Iron Circles

Iron Circles

Another Slant




Bright Pelargonium in cobalt pot. I’ve given up my once-snobbish attitude about “common geraniums”.

Framed: Zoooom

Botanical donut: Crime against horticulture?

Putting a sweet spin on it.

Sucker Reflections

IMG_8632 (480x640)
This is Bill from Santa Cruz. He was down at the waterfront with his handmade sidewalk telescope. He let me take a picture through the eye piece for my last circle.

Moon shadows as seen through Bill’s telescope.


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