Time Flies–or not!

I just realized it’s been over two years since I did a blog post….oh, I’ve got lots of reasons, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear all of them. So much has happened in those two years. It seems like forever since I was posting from Morro Bay, and it seems like yesterday.  I loved the winter we spent in  Morro Bay and hoped to return the following winter, but life got in the way. I will go back though!

It will take some time to even begin to catch up. I don’t even know where to start.  The major change is that we sold the big old Histerical House  and, with heavy heart, I left my garden. Hmmm….guess I need a new banner photo, now.

We built a small log home in the foothills of the Cascades whereas before we were on the flat floor of the Willamette Valley. Only 45 miles away, but what a change!  I documented the whole project in photos, starting before we started to clear the building pad.

I don’t have much garden to write about, but watch for some posts about building the house, difficulties trying to create a new garden under very challenging conditions, goats, chickens, my work in clay and maybe an occasional post about my new-found interest in stained glass.

For now, here’s a photo of the morels I found in the corner of my garden today.

001 (800x586)


6 thoughts on “Time Flies–or not!

  1. I hope you plan to cook something yummy with those gorgeous mushrooms. Welcome back to Blogland, Sheila! I followed your house and garden-building adventure on Facebook, but I hope to see more of the tale here.


    • Thanks, Alison. I didn’t have the patience to cook anything fancy, so I gave them a quick wash in salt water, blotted them dry, dredged them in some seasoned flour, and put them into a pan of sizzling butter to saute. Later I cooked dinner for the family, but after all that umami morel richness, I couldn’t eat. I did force myself to swab a piece of garlic bread around the saute skillet–but honestly, only because there were all those buttery pan drippings in it and my momma taught me not to waste.


    • Hi Debbie, Last month I tried to get my blog going again after a rough winter, but once again, I’ve slipped. Much going on, but all too dreary to write about. I do want to get back on track and start posting again regularly. Today, I’m flying to Tucson to be with my sister. She had breast cancer 12 years ago,and now it has reared its ugly head again, so she’s having major surgery this week followed by chemo. I do have a lot of accumulated photos, so I may do a few photo-heavy posts during my down–time if I can concentrate.


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